“If you could say it in words there would be no reason to paint.” -Edward Hopper

M. P. Callender grew up in an artistic family, his mother creating works in porcelain, paint, fiber art and drawing, his grandfather a writer.  An engaging art history teacher in high school introduced the world of art as a reflection of the society in which it was created.   The love of great literature and art convinced him to study art history in college.  He graduated in 2010 with a BA degree in art history and got a job with a local art consulting and appraising firm.   His artistic outlet at the time was writing poetry, short stories and novels.  One of his short stories was published by “Compass”  the literary journal for the University of Illinois at Springfield. Two short stories were published in the debut issue of “The Writer’s Literary Muse.” He had a poem published in The Colors of Life: The International Library of Poetry.   He currently has two completed novels awaiting the attention of a good publisher.

In 2013, Matthew expanded his artistic outlets and began to produce drawings and paintings.   At first, his artwork was based on shapes, symbols and colors that flowed naturally.  However, the inspiration for the paintings in his current series, Inverse Ekphrasis, was a conversation with two poet friends, Chelsea and Mark Wagenaar who were working on a series of ekphrastic poems, poetry that attempts to vividly describe a scene or a piece of art.  

M.P. Callender’s paintings have been shown in group exhibitions in the Dallas area and are held in several private and corporate collections.