M.P. Callender

M.P. Callender is an aspiring novelist and published poet in North Texas.  He writes speculative fiction, stories rooted in the real world with paranormal or supernatural aspects.  He lives with his wife and two children and works as an Art Consultant in Dallas, Texas while he pursues his career as an author.  He loves the craft of story.  He writes every night after the family turns in.  He does not like ants.  



Selected Works

Where Moth & Rust Destroy


In Where Moth & Rust Destroy, Dr. Brandon Cotton is a clinical psychologist who works with four serial killers at Silhouette State prison in the North Eastern United States who has a unique secret; he can see death lurking before it happens in ethereal and strange forms.  His ability, which the reader learns along with him, is a leg up in his work with his patients and is a curse as two of Death’s monsters, a serpentine beast named Sleep and a personified engineer of havoc named the Conductor, set out to stop him.  Dr. Cotton loses his wife and infant son to the hands of the monsters, and is determined to defeat them by interviewing the serial killers within the prison whose careers are surrounded and motivated by the visions he sees.  

The fictional prison of Silhouette State, coined The Silo, is a maximum security compound that holds four infamous killers, which other facilities could not contain: Dr. Adam Archer, known as Adam the Axe; Maxwell Cobb, known as The Walking; Edward Hardinger; a schizophrenic who murdered his wife with a shotgun in the opening scenes of the novel and is later sent to death by electric chair; and Melinda Graves, a runaway who joined the circus as an escape artist to use her traveling act as a cover for her murders.  With the assistance of his secretary and confidant who is falling for him, Catherine Pounds, and his fatherly boss and mentor who may be more than he seems, Dr. David Threlkeld, Dr. Cotton is taken into the world the monsters he chases inhabit; a metaphysical place between worlds called the other.

Set in 1957, Where Moth and Rust Destroy melds the spiritual workings of our world with the ethereal misunderstandings of death.

The Thinplace


The Thinplace is a story of a family in Texas unaware of the secrets hidden within the man of the house.  Sam, loving husband and father, is not who he appears to be.  His family does not know his dark past; they don’t even know his real name. 

It is a story of dreams and secrets.  In the novel dreams have a way of smoothing the rough edges off of reality, making them easy; making them better, and secrets are the pale horses nightmares gallop in on, their hooves breaking the earth beneath them; cracking open and revealing the dark, covert and undisclosed hidings of the soul.  Secrets unearth the truth buried far inside the heart.

Kimberly is a happily married housewife to Sam, the love of her life and father to their young daughter, Ophelia, and is blissfully unaware of the secret her husband has buried under the shed in their backyard.  

Tim, also known as the Stranger, is a dreamwalker.  By some strange ploy of the cosmos he has been stuck between worlds to fight away the wrong that plagues the inhabitants of the house that was constructed on the property he was murdered on.  The dreamwalker forms only when all the inhabitants are within the comfortable arms of sleep, his body washed movable by the hallow beams of the moon, and he can only exist in their dreamscapes, in their “thinplaces.” 

Set in the summer of rural South Texas, Tim must tell Kimberly of her husband’s dark secret before the brewing evil in Sam rises again.  In the thinplace every person’s wrong, whatever plagues them, has a physical form.  The character’s thinplaces are entrances into the intangible of the conscious and subconscious.  Thoughts, ideas, worries, hopes, fears, and doubts all take shape.  Sam’s wrong is a usurper, a insectile embodiment of evil built from years of neglect and physical abuse by his parents, who he murdered in his youth and buried in a shallow grave behind their house.  

By walking in their dreams and planting seeds to get the family to learn Sam’s secret, Tim embarks on a battle unlike anything he has fought before; a battle that will slowly waste him away, a fight against darkness that he must become human again to confront.