Published Works:

Pearly Whites was published by Compass Literary Journal and can be read on their website. It is a story of loss and treasure. 

Human, The Anatomy of a Bear, and Drowning while Describing the Water were published in the debut issue of The Writer’s Literary Muse.

Sticks was published in the Colors of Life poetry compilation


Where Moth & Rust Destroy- Completed Novel

In Where Moth & Rust Destroy, Dr. Brandon Cotton is a clinical psychologist who works with four serial killers at Silhouette State prison in the North Eastern United States who has a unique secret; he can see death lurking before it happens in ethereal and strange forms. 

Set in 1957, Where Moth and Rust Destroy melds the spiritual workings of our world with the ethereal misunderstandings of death.

The Thinplace- Completed Novel

The Thinplace is the story of a family in Texas unaware of the secrets hidden within the man of the house.  It is a story of dreams and secrets.  In the novel dreams have a way of smoothing the rough edges off of reality, making them easy; making them better, and secrets are the pale horses nightmares gallop in on, their hooves breaking the earth beneath them; cracking open and revealing the dark, covert and undisclosed hidings of the soul.  Secrets unearth the truth buried far inside the heart.

By walking in their dreams and planting seeds to get the family to learn Sam’s secret, Tim embarks on a battle unlike anything he has fought before; a battle that will slowly waste him away, a fight against darkness that he must become human again to confront.  

Fear- Novel in Progress

Fear rests in the unknown, a festering unseen in the dark fueled by imaginings within the onlooker.  It breeds along the pulses racing within the synaptic corridors and it grows, stretching and groaning from those things hidden in the back of your head wished to be forgotten but unable to be forgot.  Stuck between the cold of night that waits for dawn to rise and illuminate the day safe and the steady silt of the hourglass; it grows.

Because it haunts him.  And it haunts all of us.

Clouds of Glass- Novel in Progress

Clouds of Glass tells the story of Breanne White, an orphan who stumbles upon a relic at an estate sale.  As a savvy art consultant, Breanne cannot distinguish why the small wooden sculpture in her recently deceased neighbor’s apartment has such an allure to her.

Once placing the relic on the bookcase in her living room, Breanne instantly learns everything within the books contained on the shelf.  She uses the new ability, the new knowledge, to achieve tremendous success in the art world and financial market – eventually making millions and making all her dreams come true; so she thinks.

Slowly Breanne removes seemingly inconsequential books from the shelf to make room for books of benefit.  She removes her old journals from school, yearbooks, photo albums, scrapbooks, and – little does she know it – removes herself from herself.  As she enters the Clouds of Glass to gain more knowledge and bolster the bank account, absorbing every word from the texts she places on the bookshelf blessed by the mysterious relic, Breanne’s self begins to deteriorate and she painfully learns the cyclical doom of the relic that took her neighbor’s life from him; that is taking her life away from her.

The Hitchhiker- Novel in Progress 

The Hitchhiker picks up the storyline of Where Moth & Rust Destroy sixty years down the road.  Jackson Lee is Deputy Chief of the Nevada Highway patrol who finds his life intertwined with April Kerzee, an escapee of an insane asylum.  

April found the book Dr. Cotton left (ending of Where Moth & Rust Destroy) for her to find.  Early in her youth, her visions and beliefs of death got her locked in the asylum where she was routinely abused by the warden.  She escapes and hitchhikes her way North to get to the Silo where she must finish what Dr. Cotton started, on the way accidently avenging the death of Jackson Lee’s wife and pulling the deputy into a new world he is not ready for.  She sets out to stop what Dr. Cotton could not, she goes into the other to confront the beasts.

Adam: The Adventurer- Short story

Adam: The Adventurer, written for Callender’s twin brother, is a look into the life of a hermit. 

The story shows why and how Adam became a hermit and is sandwiched together in two parts which look at his present daily routine, and his past to discover why he is the way he is.

It is a work of fiction.  Adam is not really a hermit.   He is a mechanic.