"Superfunk Astronaut"

Each semester, the Arts Council collaborates with the University of North Texas' College of Music and the Murchison Performing Arts Center to showcase and celebrate North Texas artists by exhibiting their works in the vast lobby leading to Margot & Bill Winspear Hall and the Lyric Theater at the Murchison Performing Arts Center.

Inverse Ekphrasis
Murchison Performing Arts Center, University of North Texas
September 19 - December 10, 2017

The series Inverse Ekphrasis by M.P. Callender uses poems of Dr. Mark and Dr. Chelsea Wagenaar as inspiration for nonobjective paintings.  Ekphrasis is a literary description of, or commentary on a visual work of art. In this case, the process was inversed because the artist decided to take the poems as inspiration for his nonobjective paintings, rather than the other way around. The early paintings in this series were inspired by specific poems published by the Wagenaars. These were attempts to gel the emotional qualities of the poems into a visual form. As the series has grown, the inspiration points are sometimes entire poems and other times a particular phrase or stanza from a poem.