Texas Writing Retreat: Pearly Whites: Test running a new routine

Chuck Sambuchino 

Chuck Sambuchino 

My wife and I will be heading to the Texas Writing Retreat next week and we are pumped. Chuck Sambuchino will be speaking throughout the retreat, he is an authority on all things author related - how to get an agent, how to utilize social media, how to edit your manuscript, how to perfect your pitch...all that stuff, he is the guy.

Elizabeth Kracht

Elizabeth Kracht

Literary Agent Elizabeth Kracht will also be there, teaching workshops and taking pitches from authors.  Elizabeth is with Kimberly Cameron and Associates, based out of California.  I had the fortune of meeting her at a writer's conference I went to in New Mexico a while back and she was gracious enough to read the first 50 pages of a manuscript of mine and give me her notes. 

The retreat is a dual-treat.  It is  a week off for my wife and I on our anniversary - no kids, no work....  And it is a great opportunity all aspiring authors should take advantage of.  The craft of writing is a solitary one, no doubt about it, and the process of trying to land an agent and get your book out there can be just the same.  Conferences (or in this case, retreats) let authors get face to face with those in the business; it is an incredibly informative event.  

Can't wait.  I will take pictures and report back after.

On another note - I have been working on a short story called Pearly Whites.  I have been wanting to get more publishing credits to my name, since all I have had published thus far are my poems.  The plan is to get this story out to a magazine or some other publication.  I came up with the story idea about five years ago when I was in college, and the idea has stuck with me.  It is coming along, bit by bit.

Lastly, here is a poem for you, dear reader. Like most of my poems, it is an older one, but one I considered worth saving and sharing.

Test running a new routine 

We are expected to expect three things in life;

Death, taxes, and concrete cracking. 

And I don’t know what my generation’s done with contextual setting or historical lenses, but we sure as hell can’t seem to find them. 

The ignorant need a crutch to lean on and the arrogant need a crutch to point to, both perpetuating a downward cycle of stereotypes while they try to pick themselves up by the handle of the bucket they stand in. 

Only the guilty need feel guilty; since the lights which twinkle over the vile streets of Vegas keep the economy rolling;

We are expected to expect three things in life;

The sun rising, the sun setting, and cut-throat community. 

Church walls designed and lunettes carved to welcome are counter-acted by the clicks inside, which only whisper and one-word answer the wounded and truly needy who summoned and scrounged and salvaged the small pieces of hope and optimism they had left on the floor of their tired soul that sought to prove the fog of what was inside wrong.

A disease of commercialism pulling the meat from my bones, like a knife fight in a phone booth we are the fire-eaters; killing by day and baptizing by night.

Because a cycle is a circle and a rose window is a glass ceiling, stopping to think has become a backup plan to pointing the blame; 

We are expected to expect three things in life;

The truth will always be doubted, the truth will always be challenged, and hospital elevator rides will always be the longest in the world.  


Thanks for reading.

Stay alive,
-M.P. Callender